Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

That's totally my husband's t-shirt, hehe

Hello friends! Time for a little preggo update! I'm six months along right now, and I have to say, this is the best time yet in the pregnancy. My little man is squirming and kicking and poking to his hearts desire every day and it's a constant reminder of how super crazy and ridiculous this whole growing life thing is!

Baby and Mommy's Development?: Little Lincoln is about 2 lbs now, and about the size of an eggplant. That seems real big, right? It certainly feels like he's losing some room in there. Like I said earlier, he's in the stage where he is really getting the hang of punching and somersaulting around. He especially loves to kick me right in the bladder...:/ I've gained about 7 to 8 lbs myself, and I'm taking that lovely glucose test I've heard such niiiice things about next week. Looking forward to it! *cough* sarcasm * cough *

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Lots of back pain now! I try a lot of different methods to try to soothe it, but I don't think it's going away. Some swelling of the shins now if I don't elevate my feet at work. I also wake up at least 3 to 4 times a night, having to pee and what not...And I must say, I didn't really believe it before, but I know now what pregnancy brain is. It seems like I just forget random things during the day. Like *poof*, there went my thought! My brain at work is usually thinking about 5 different things at once, and I have to stop myself when I get in a huff and breathe to really focus on one thing...I'm such a scatterbrain these days. I mean, more than usual....

Feeling Ready?: Ehhh...? I'm not sure. I'm totally ready to cuddle my little man, but not getting more than 2 hours of sleep, diaper blow-outs, not having time for a shower...that I'm not that ready for. There's still so much I don't know, that I wish I knew...And of course, the increased financial stress is something we will definitely not be ready for! But, I believe in Kyle and I. Our ability to adapt in stressful situations. Our ability to lean on each other when things get tough. I know we can do this. I keep telling myself that billions of other women have done this before, so why can't I?

My sweet Aunt sent me this awesome care package full of clothes and accessories for Link! It was so thoughtful!

My baby shower is in a month or so, and I'm getting really excited! I'm slowly building my registry, and I've gotten a few outfits already. Every time I touch or hold a little onesie I know he's going to wear, I can't help but be flabbergasted. He's actually going to fit into these?! Uuuugh, I keep telling myself of all the things you need to remember to do when he comes. Hold him as much as you can, savor the cuddle sessions...he won't be small forever! But luckily, I still have a ways to go before he's off to college...

~Grace Abigail

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ponderings of a 26 Year Old...

Have my wrists always been that small? Around '05 or '06

2011. Oh so artsy.

Honeymoon in Cancun. 2012. God I miss that long, thick hair...

Playing outside with the bro. Best snow fort I've ever made. Maybe '07 to '08?

When I was younger, I goofed around a lot. I was very much the dreamy, theater girl who made a lot of silly faces, and liked to keep everyone happy and laughing. I was so good at being the happy go lucky girl that I was, that I usually brushed past the serious questions lurking in the back of my mind of the future. I feel like I kept this up quite well, but when I was by myself, as I crept closer to being out of high school, the thoughts of future me really started to sink in and scare me. I didn't really have any direction as to where my life was going to go... 

When you're a teenager, I feel like labeling yourself and finding your identity in society is such a bigger deal than any other time in your life. You want to be known as a certain thing or class that everyone will associate you with, and it's very important to know this information, because you don't want to seem like this direction-less vagabond roaming the Earth...Whether it be Artist, Writer, Doctor, Astronaut, or Housewife...you needed to know what you were going to be!

Now that I'm entering my 26th year of life, I finally feel like I've maybe, sort of, realized that...I maybe don't need a label? Haha. I've always sort of kept on with my life under the assumption that one miraculous day, I will suddenly have an epiphany and I'll FINALLY KNOW what my true calling is. But folks, it doesn't work like that for everyone, and you know what else? Labels don't matter. Duh, I mean, I'm sure you've known this for awhile if you're any bit as smart or smarter than me( and let's hope you are ). Every teenager in America probably hears this from their parents everyday, but I think it's taken me this long to realize...I don't need to be something specific. You can be happy just being you. Whatever you are at the moment.

So I guess I'm rocking the late 20's something illustrator/blog writer/banker/wife who doesn't cook enough/almost a Mother label. And I must say...I like it. :)

~Grace Abigail

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cold Weather Pick Me Ups

Brrrrrrr....Man, is it cold outside.

Guys, I know it's really easy to get stuck in a rut in the winter time. It's dark and cold, and you think it'll never be sunny and warm again EVER. There's not much to go out and do, especially when the roads are bad, and it's so easy to fall into that seasonal pit of depression. And after this last week, I feel like I really need to think of some pick me ups. Happy things that remind me to stop and say, hey, it's not so bad. Life will go on. It's not like it's the movie Snowpiercer out there! 
So, I've come up with a few indoor ideas to hopefully, brighten up my cold winter days and nights. And if you( unfortunately ) live somewhere where you're feelin' the bitter cold, hopefully these suggestions will be helpful for you too!

- Cook Something New: Do some searching on Pinterest or AllRecipes.com and find some hot and cozy recipes you've never tried. Maybe you want to try to bake your own bread for the first time, here's a yummy looking recipe! There's so much out there to try, and plus, if you are forced to stay inside to hide from the cold, the smell of your delicious cooking meal will comfort you.

- Read a New Book: What better way to get cozy, then to curl up on your couch with a bunch of blankets( and hopefully cats ) and dive into a compelling story! I've found winter time to be the best time of year to really focus on a book. I've been reading What To Expect When You're Expecting before bed. 

Try a Bright Lip: Sometimes, if I'm feeling down and I can't go anywhere, I slap on my happiest, brightest lipstick and strut my stuff around my apartment. Getting a little dolled up just for yourself is a special treat, and usually ends in an embarressing amount of selfies. But who cares?! Whatever lightens your mood is worth it! This lip color has just been added to my list of must-have, happy colors!

- Stay Active: I know it's just easier to slump yourself on the couch and get buried in hours of Netflix, but it never hurts to keep up with your fitness routine. It gives you that little boost of energy to get stuff done, and you feel a little bit better about yourself for actually leaving your couch for the day. I've been doing simple bicep curls and squats for a couple minutes a day...

- Embrace Your Current Predicament: Hey, spring is quite a bit of time away still. It's not like the outside will bloom anew overnight, so I think it's always a good idea to go out into the cold weather, and really appreciate it for what it is. Take your camera with you, take some close up shots of the dripping icicles, make a footprint collage in the snow, admire the gleaming light shining off of the ice on the sidewalk...Even though the temperature may be unpleasant, there's no reason you should totally shun what's happening outside. Winter is beautiful in its own way. There might not be as many colors as the other seasons, but the grays and whites have their own beauty to show you...

I hope these little suggestions help you through these colder months. To be completely honest though, I mainly made this list for myself, to help me with my current cabin fever....

But let's say it together, we can make it through this! Just grab a sweater and some hot chocolate and you're golden!

~Grace Abigail

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bronze and Berry Makeup Look

Well, look-y here, friends! A makeup look! Yesterday, I spent entirely too much time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube in the morning( as I tend to do on my day off ), and I got so inspired. So, I planned to do a simple, bronze and berry lip look. Some of these products are old faves, and some are brand new ones( to me ), so it's a nice mixture of both. But let's get into how I did this look, shall we?

Products Used: Naked 3 palette, Benefit's They're Real Mascara, Maybelline Dream Lumi highlighting concealer, Loreal True Match in C2, Benefit's Gimme Brow in Light/Medium, Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, Laura Geller's Baked Brulee Highlighter in Honey Lavender, Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Rose, Covergirl Jumbo GlossBalm in 245, NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie

Alrighty, I started off by laying a base of the Bad to the Bronze all over my lid and crease. I love these Color Tattoo things! They are so shimmery and thick, it acts sort of like a primer, as well as creating a nice smokey finish. Next, I started layering the Naked 3 colors, Trick and Factory on my outer crease and as a liner. These colors worked well with the Color Tattoo, since they already have a golden brown look to both of them. I also layered them under my lower lashes, to create a cohesive look all around the eye.
Once I blended them out to perfection, I put on some of the lightest highlighter color in the Naked palette, Strange, in my inner corner and brow bone, to add some matte to all the shimmer going on.
After I got my eyes how I wanted them, I applied the Loreal True Match foundation with a damp beauty blender. This has been the only full coverage foundation I've found to actually match my ghostly skin, so I will never forget it! I then dabbed the Dream Lumi concealer under my eyes, and a little on my chin and forehead. This concealer sometimes comes off as a little too pinky for me, but I love how my skin glows with it on! I didn't want a really bright blush, because I wanted the eyes and lips to stand out, so the Maybelline blush adds a nice, subtle flush to my cheeks. Just to add a lil' more shimmer on my cheeks, I added a light layer of Laura Geller highlighter on my cheekbones. 
Moving on to my brows, I combed the Gimme Brow through them, swiping in an upward motion so my weirdo brow hairs don't fall down like they always do. This color is a little light for me, but it really creates the best bulk for my spindly little brows. Next, I swiped on some They're Real mascara, making sure to wiggle the wand through my lashes so every one is coated. I have received so many compliments when I wear this mascara! My lashes used to be soooo much longer( I don't know what happened to my naturally long lashes * cries * )and I feel like these really bring them back to what I had before.

To finish the look off, I wanted a nice bright lip to make the look, not so neutral. I really love the NYX Butter Gloss, but the formula is not as thick as I would like, so I needed to lay a nice base color to blend in with it. The Covergirl glossbalm goes on so smoothly, and the two work so nicely together. 

Close up on those eyes. I also really like how the Gimme Brow doesn't make my lashes look too drawn on. You know?

And there you have it! I think this look is so fresh and feminine! I love the combo of the berry and the bronze together, and....it just makes me so happy! This is a very simple look to accomplish, especially since the Bad to the Bronze is such an easy product to apply. I think it's gonna be a huge staple in my everyday looks from now on!

Thanks for reading, guys! I will be trying to write more of these kinds of posts more often. I mean, at least once or twice a month. Now that I got my inspiration back, I wanna do as many of these as I can before our little man comes in April. When the age of no-sleep takes over...haha!

Love you guys!

~Grace Abigail

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Get ready, because here comes that gushy, nostalgic end-of-year post that all blog readers anticipate!

I love that the first couple days of the new year, we have this brief time to look back on everything that happened this past year. You get the feeling that everything you do is brand new, and you have some time to recharge and prepare. New Years was never my very favorite Holiday, but it was always one I definitely appreciated. The chance to change the seemingly never ending future ahead of you, and the excitement that brand new goals bring, always make me so grateful for these early January days to reflect. Sometimes life gets too busy that we forget to stop and really savor those happy bits of time we should have taken and hidden away in our memory boxes all year...So, I took a minute to look back on all my photos from 2014, and compile a little collection of all my fave moments from 2014.

Early January, two of my best friends and the hubs went on a weekend ski trip together, and I loved every minute of it. What a great bonding experience!

Middle March, Kyle's Dad had a heart attack, and we traveled to Florida to hurriedly say our goodbyes. He miraculously made it through, and it was actually an amazing time. Full of family strength and love, and we all became closer. I think it really strengthened our marriage. This was also when Kyle and I decided that...life is too short, and we began to try for a baby.

April 2014, my business partner and friend, Natasha, and I, launched our first Children's Book! My very first big illustration project. Something I will always feel such pride and accomplishment for. It was an amazing learning experience as well, not just in business, but in how to push on, even though you might not be feeling that creative...

July was hot hot hot, but Kyle and I still found time to get outdoors, explore, and enjoy this muggy Midwest weather.

July/ August, a burst of creativity. In an effort to branch out from my usual cutesy style, I decided to make a few drawings centered around creepy fairy-tales. Can you guess this one?

And of course, September we found out our lives were going to drastically change forever. That little love bug surprised us indeed, but I am eternally grateful for that little flutter inside of me. He made me realize how strong a woman can be...Even when she's puking all day long lol

2014 was a wonderful year. Full of growth and excitement. My life became a little less hectic, a little less I'm-a-young-20-something-and-I-need-to-party. As I am expecting a baby this year, the fact I'm entering into my late 20's, we're expecting a bigger move sometime later this Summer, Natasha and I are trying to publish another Emmie book later this Spring...I know this year will be crazy. A lot to keep up with, a lot of changes that I will need to adjust to...but I know I can do it. My little family can do it. That's what growing older is, right? Testing your limits and always growing. And I can say, I am truly looking forward to it.

What are you guys excited about this year? Any exciting trips? Are you going to graduate from college? Hoping to finish that fantasy novel you started two years ago? Want to learn to cook more?( I know that's one resolution I'm trying to keep this year...) I am so excited for what the future holds, and I hope you are too!

Happy 2015!

~Grace Abigail

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big and Happy Life Events/Christmas 2014

Hello my darlings! Wow, it feels like the last three weeks have been a total whirlwind! So much has happened in such a short amount of time. I have a lot to catch you up on, so here we goooo....

As you can see, about three weeks ago, we finally found out the gender of our little one! It's a BOY! I have to say, I was quite pleased with myself when I found out that my motherly instincts, were in fact correct. He just felt like a dude, you know? Now all I can think about is robot and monster patterns, greens and bright blues, Star Wars themed baby showers...Eeeeeee! So exciting. Kyle was excited beyond belief! He really wanted a son, and when the woman doing the sonogram told us it was a " for sure boy, " Kyle jumped up from his chair and did a little spin, as well as a very exuberant Yeeeeaaaaauuuhhh! Probably the best moment of this pregnancy so far...

The weekend before Christmas, my sweet, smart husband graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Geology! It was such a crazy day full of tears and family and celebrating with friends, it was overwhelming. As soon as the band started playing music, I was already bawling as I watched the graduates all sit down. Ever since I met Kyle, he has been working so hard to get to that very moment, and it was so special seeing the look of pride and relief wash over his face. I was one super proud wife!

I'm sorry if this grosses people out, haha. I actually don't really like kissing pics, but I thought this one wasn't too cringe-y lol

We went to lunch after the morning ceremony, and the restaurant we went to was connected to the Hotel we actually got married in. We snuck away for a little photo sesh to commemorate such a happy day...

Christmas morning 2014! I got up before Kyle and had a delicious cup of coffee in our quiet and dark living room. I would have to say that Christmas morning has got to be one of those very special days of the year, that you truly feel like you live in a magical land...Just so much joy and excitement and anticipation...Just staring at the glow of our tree lights, it was so calming before our jam-packed day. I got to reflect on how grateful I was for everything that happened in the past year...

My awesome baby bro, Dad, and big sissy. My Dad made a duck and a chicken for Christmas dinner, and it was fabulous. We then lounged around my parent's house, taking naps or watching TV, until Kyle and I had to leave to go to his family's Christmas festivities. I managed to last until, I think around 11pm, which I was very proud of myself for. Whenever I spend a whole day around a huge amount of people, I usually get very worn out. But the amount of love and happiness that I was surrounded with, kept me going. 
It was truly a blessed Holiday. My sister and her boyfriend ended up staying all weekend, and Kyle's Dad has been visiting here from Florida for a couple weeks now too. So much family time, I feel very spoiled ;)

Now Kyle and I are preparing for a trip up to the Chicago area for a New Years Eve party with some of his friends. I think this will be the first New Years we actually get to spend together in maybe...uhh 2 years? He's always had to work before, but now I'm really going to enjoy that midnight kiss! And hopefully, on New Years Day, we will be going to IKEA!!! I've never been to one before, and I'm super excited! Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures of the glory! 

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a magical one! How was it? Did you receive any killer gifts? You guys doing anything for New Years? I'd love to know!

~Grace Abigail

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

This was actually from week 16, I'm just too lazy to put on a bra right now to take a picture lol

Hello, everyone! I've come to the conclusion that I haven't documented this pregnancy as well as I think I should be. When I got pregnant, I thought I would be one of those future Moms who does all she possibly can to get ready for the upcoming pregnancy by reading books, staying to a strict diet, researching all of the best gadgets and equipment....But...eh, well let's just say I've been a little lax on all that hehe.

I mean, of course I have been careful. I have been making a steady list of things I need, things I already have. It's been going good. Great, actually. I've heard stories from other ladies about their pregancies, and how they went less than smoothly. This pregnancy has been going very smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, sometimes I wonder if something is just waiting to go terribly wrong...

But I'm just going to toss those worries aside and just be grateful that this little bud inside me is growing fine and nicely. There's nothing that a new Mom would want more than to have an easy pregnancy, so I'm just going to keep trucking along and counting my blessings. Here is a few extra pregnancy facts I'd like to update you guys on.

Where is baby in Development?: I'm going to be in my 20th week soon. My little one is about the size of a tomato right now, about 6 inches long. Some movements here and there, but just little flutters and pokes sometimes. Next week we will find out the gender and I feel like that's when all the preparation can really take off. I'm thinking it's going to be a boy, but we'll seeeee!

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Some back pain. Probably from sitting too long at work. I need to get up and take little strolls more often. Also, I'm waking in the middle of the night to pee almost consistently.

Maternity Clothes? Stretch Marks?: My mom generously bought me my first pair of maternity leggings last weekend, and I am praising her name for it! I looove them. I'm telling everyone I know that I should have just been buying these before. They're just so freakin' comfy. No stretch marks yet! I'd like to think that it's because of my consistent coconut butter applications, but it's probably still to come...

Food Cravings?: Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm eating every freakin' hour, but the things that I'm really craving are...Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell and anything with avocados. This little one has been all about the Mexican food, but nothing too spicy! 

That's it for now! I'm going to try to do more of these little updates. Hopefully, this can be a place where I can get all my thoughts and excitements down and really savor the whole experience. I mean, you are only pregnant for the first time once. Everything is new and fascinating right now and I want to make sure I keep track of my true feelings and emotions. I wish to have something to look back on and know how I felt and how excited I was when I have a little minion attached to me hehe. 

Have a good day!

~Grace Abigail

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday! There is such childlike joy and anticipation built up during the day for me. I feel like an impatient kid again, waiting for the awesome food, and thinking of the promise of more family Holiday fun to come during the next month. Thanksgiving is just the kickoff point! On Thursday, I had lunch with my Dad at the family house, and then dinner with Kyle's family later that night. Such amazing food and company throughout the day, I was just so...thankful. I mean, duh.

My Mom and sister were also coming down for the weekend, and we all planned to have our Thanksgiving dinner together on Saturday night at my place. Now, I was pretty nervous...Mainly because my apartment kitchen is verrrry small, and I've never really cooked a meal for all of them. Not to mention, my Mom has a gluten allergy, and my sister is a vegetarian. I wouldn't really call myself a very experienced cook,( what can I say, I like boxed dinners. * GASP * ) so I was really hoping everything would turn out well. To my relief, everything was delicious, and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening together. It had been so long since we all hung out as a family, it made my heart warm to see all of us laughing, swapping stories, and making fun of characters in movies together. It was such a lovely night.

Claire, Peter, Mom. All cozied up on my couch.( please don't mind our makeshift duct-tape window covering...he he. )

On Sunday afternoon, my sister and I helped my Dad set up the family Christmas tree. Or, we did it all ourselves, and he just brought the boxes down from the garage....hehe. This is such a fun tradition for us. First off, that tree is probably from 1985 or something, and I am always baffled by how many of those little fake pine needles fall off every year, and there are still some left! And of course the unwrapping of all the ornaments we've collected over the years is a step back in time that always makes me proud. Craft paper Santa ornaments, hand painted sparkly bulbs, ornaments we've purchased from craft fairs, and classic ornaments I don't even know where they came from...The collection is very impressive and we always oooh and aaah over them like they are brand new. Frank Sinatra cooes on the radio as we set up the living room for Christmas. When we are done, I can't help but think that the room looks truly complete with all the Holiday decorations. Like they are supposed to be there year round. It just looks too perfect.

My Dad's cat, Hazel. She loved it under the tree. In fact, this was the closest I got to her without the risk of getting swatted at with her sharp claws. She's such a grouch.

And this wouldn't be a complete blog post without me cheezin' at the camera. This was my face for Thanksgiving Day. Black eyeliner on the eyes, and dirty hair underneath the hat. I think I was just feeling super giddy because it was an amazing 60 degrees outside! A Thanksgiving miracle!

What made this Holiday extra special, was that this was the first Thanksgiving weekend I didn't work retail. I think that was what I was most thankful for this year. To be able to truly relax and not worry about schedules or leaving dinners early to go to work. Out of respect, I decided not to shop on Black Friday. Simply because...it just wouldn't feel right. To know how miserable I was so many years in a row working at the Mall, I just didn't want to add to the throw of bodies that would inevitably suffocate and depress most retail workers. No deals are worth my beloved family time.

How excited is everyone for Christmas!? I can't wait to decorate my tree and start buying presents for friends and family! I actually have some pretty good ideas this year, which is a miracle, cuz I am usually a horrible gift giver, haha. Now all I have to do is get over this cold/cough.....

Thank you for reading, everyone! I hope you're enjoying your Holiday season!

~Grace Abigail

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Week of Faces: Nov. 17th - 23rd

Hello friends, here are some random faces and moods from this last week. This is mostly for me, since I wanted to sort of chronicle my weekly state of mind and state of face haha for introspective purposes...I've been thinking of putting a little more oomph and effort into my makeup looks lately. Maybe it's the Holidays coming up, but I just am feeling a little more fancy than usual. I usually save the eyeliner and bright lips for weekends...but maybe that should change!

So here I am guys, it's not a lot of glamour or fancy accessories, but that's just how I roll, dudes...

November 17th: Leftover hair from the day before. Curled with a Remington 1 inch curling wand, set with Herbal Essences hairspray. Feeling happy because I was spending a night with the hubby. Zip up hoodie from Forever 21.

November 19th: Grumpy, tired, and probably ready for bed. I think this day I was in constant annoyance with my hair. It had major static cling all day. The annoyingly dry air of my office made it impossible to tame. I also have on a University sweatshirt that I bought when I was 12...

November 22nd: Excited, because I was getting ready to go to a Friendsgiving feast later on in the day. Kyle and I made cheesy mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole to bring. Curled hair with a very old( should be thrown away ) curling iron, L'oreal True Match foundation in Natural Ivory C2, and wearing a Target reindeer thermal. Happy it still fits because of my ever growing stomach and boobs haha.

November 23rd: Very very dirty hair this day, so a bun was needed. Shiny forehead and pearl earrings. Feeling comfy and cozy inside my apartment, since it was a cloudy day. I was giving my skin a break from foundation today, since it was feeling dehydrated. 

~Grace Abigail

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lazy Sunday Un-Routine

Sundays are my free days. I have no car for most of the day( since Kyle is a delivery driver and he works all day ) so I can't go anywhere to get myself into too much trouble. It's usually my day to catch up on laundry and eat Creamy Chicken Ramen noodles and draw vigorously while watching Netflix.
Since I usually spend most of the day by myself, with basically no one to tell me what to do but me, I thought I would take charge and snap some pics to show you guys a glimpse of my lazy day routine, which is never the same and never really a true routine....

In the morning, I thought I would be productive, and clean my makeup brushes. My favorite way to do it, is take a little dollop of Dawn dish washing soap and swirl my brush around in the palm of my hand with some warm running water. I keep swirling until there are no more suds. They always turn out soft and nice. Easy peasy!

I don't really take a lot of pictures of myself anymore. That's kind of hilarious and sad to say, like it was a hobby before or something...I think it was mostly due to me not liking my hair cut or the serious lack of sleep or the first trimester nausea...whatever it was, I finally am starting to feel like myself again. It still is kinda weird...honestly. Maybe this is a sign of growing up. I mean...I don't really have to take pictures of myself all the time to know what I look like. I know who I am....

Aaand with that deep thought, I watched The Fault In Our Stars for the first time and proceeded to sob throughout the whole thing, using up 4 kleenex while squeezing my cats too hard. My God, John Green....you really know how to get people right in the deepest of feels...

Then snow happened. Little light flurries floated through the cold air and stuck to the ground like it was saying, " Finally, I am HERE, Champaign! Get used to it! " It looks like Winter has come just as early as last year...Welcome, old friend.

Thanks for coming along with me today, and good luck with the upcoming weeks :) I am so excited for Thanksgiving! It turns out that this year, there will be at least four dinners Kyle and I will be going to during the next two weekends, so that means I need to scour Pinterest for festive meal ideas! I know I'm making green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and cheesy mashed potatoes so far, but I still have a lot more planning to do! Eeep!

~Grace Abigail