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My Two Year Old

Probably my absolute favorite picture of me and bubs!

This little Lincoln man has a birthday on Monday! He's going to be two years old, and I'm kind of in disbelief. To be honest, it kinda seemed like he was already 2...the last few months have been kind of a blur. We were all sick at some point and it felt like we were all trying to just survive, and I kinda forgot to stop and appreciate him growing older. Time really does go by so fast when they are little!
So, I thought I would share a few things about this special little guy. Link is growing and learning every single day, and most often I find myself wondering where he learned certain tricks. He loves to count to 10, sing the ABC's, his favorite phrase seems to be " oh no! "( said in a SUPER dramatic fashion ) and he loves to listen to music on our vinyl record player. He will climb all over you if you let him, and he loves to show off his somersaulting skills. Some of his favorite foods are peanut butter san…

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