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Moving from my Hometown to the Sunshine State

Well friends, we made it to Florida! I still can't truly believe we're living here now. Permanent residents until further notice! It's so weird to even think about our future here. No more worrying about ice freezing on our car windshields anymore. Being able to drive to the ocean on weekends, instead of dreaming about it...
This will probably be a lengthy post, just FYI! A lot happened on our move, and I want to make sure that I get it all down, so I can at least come back to it years from now, and remember how much we accomplished during this crazy trip.

After our vacation to Michigan the week before, we came back( after getting a flat tire on the way, foreshadowing of troubles to come perhaps? ) and we had to pack up all our crap in a few days and head out. We got back on a Wednesday afternoon, after picking up our moving truck( that was a whole crazy ordeal in itself. Lesson learned, always pre-book your moving truck waaaay in advance ) and some of our friends came ov…

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