Sunday, March 30, 2014

Links of Awesome #9

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. My week was very tiring, because I worked A LOT to make up for the two weeks I missed while in Florida. Also, my husband has been gone all week because he is in Honduras for a school trip, and I have been rather lonely without him. Needless to say, I have been watching a lot of girly movies, doing some lovely lady time pamper nights, and surfing a lot of internets to keep myself busy. I hope you guys enjoy this little list and I'll check back in with you guys later!

THAT SKIRT! source

I love this! Maybe this will help me start to work out? source

I am so into vibrant flower pictures right now. I love sorting through these colorful pics on Pinterest for painting inspirations...

Have you guys tried out Tattly yet? Super cute temporary tattoos! I've tried a couple before and I have loved them so much, and they really stay on for a long time. This one reminds me of a thumb print or a tree ring...

- This Fairy Art Print is so beautiful! Actually, this whole Etsy shop is freaking awesome!

- With Frozen being so popular right now, I'm kind of in a constant state of Disney obsession. Every time I go on Pinterest I seem to look through all the dedicated Disney boards and I find some really good stuff! This Buzzfeed article shows the early sketches of some Disney characters, and all of them are so interesting! They really get me inspired...

- Elsie and Emma do a Sister Style post about trends and they also go to a plant nursery. Classic.

- It's the end of March, so that means all of the beauty guru's are posting their Favorites videos! I especially love missglamorazzi's and essiebutton's versions. They're making me want all of the thangs!

- This skirt is everything...

Love you guys, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

~Grace Abigail

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Biggest Accomplishment Yet

Whatcha think? Be kind. heh...

GUYS. I am so incredibly excited to share this with you all! This is by far one of the most exciting times of my career as an artist.

I've always loved picture books. I remember going to the library with my Mom and sister when I was younger, and I would immediately go to the children's section and pick out as many books as possible based on the cover art. I would spread them out and spend all my time gazing at the pictures that would take me to a whole other world....Even now when I'm older, whenever I'm in a library or a book store, I bee line for the children section. The illustrations are so unique and colorful, I always feel inspired when I leave.
Needless to say, I've always known that I wanted to illustrate a book...

So when my friend from my old job at the mall told me about this fantasy children's book she was writing, I immediately was on board. I was so intrigued with the story, and I couldn't wait to sketch out characters.

Now, I'd never illustrated anything before. I've only ever taken a few art classes at a Community College. I didn't know how, or even if it was possible for me to do this. But I did it. And I am so incredibly proud of myself. Proud that I stuck with it, even when I was stumped and frustrated with myself. It was an incredible journey of creative growth, and I can't wait to grow more as an artist...

It won't be out for another few months, but we finally got some proofs of the real thing, and I couldn't wait to show it off.

To find out more updates about the book, please Like the Facebook page. You will be able to purchase the book on the website, which will be up and running soon as well! And I just wanted to thank everyone for reading this little space on the internet, for keeping up with my life and my craziness, and for supporting me. I love you guys!

~Grace Abigail

Friday, March 21, 2014

Impromptu Florida Trip

Hello again everyone! Boy, did I miss this little space. As I said in my last post, the last two weeks have been pretty stressful. My husband's Dad suffered a heart attack, and as soon as we all squared away time off at our jobs, my husband and I, and his family...found ourselves in a van driving down to Florida on a Monday afternoon...Completely unplanned road trip.
We drove all through the night, and when I woke up on Tuesday morning, we were there. The place I'd been longing to visit again for many years now! The air was muggy but a vast improvement to the bitter cold we had left in Illinois. We were able to even roll down the windows! Even though we were there for a very serious situation, we found ourselves giggling and wooping with delight because it was actually WARM. Thank you, sweet Jesus!
We were going back and forth from the hospital all week, doing a lot of driving, and a lot of waiting. It was very stressful and scary for a couple days, but he made it through a very critical time, and we were all very thankful for the opportunity to be there for him. And to spend time with Kyle's family was such a blessing. It was so wonderful to hear all the old stories from their family...
The wonderful sunny weather of Florida really helped improve our moods during this hard time. When we were not hanging out with family, we were trying to make the most of our impromptu trip. We managed to make a trip to St. Petersburg beach. It was so beautiful, and the sand was so soft. I truly believe that being on a beach, watching the waves crash in and out, helps anyone relax...

My happy place.

Isn't this the coolest? 

On our way back home, we couldn't help ourselves but stop at a little orchard called Hancock Grove, to pick some fresh oranges! I mean, pick your own oranges? You can't do that in Illinois! There were grapefruits, lemons, and strawberries just ready to be eaten. I was surprised to see that the ground the trees were growing in were very sandy, just as soft as the beach. And the smell! You know those sweet citrus-y candles from Bath and Body Works? It smelled like that but...but way better...God, everything about it was fantastic and so refreshing!

Taaaa daaaaa!

Being in my beloved Florida( I call it mine because it's always been my favorite ), it really made me realize how excited I am to move there someday. The weather was amazing, the scenery was fantastic...I belong there. I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit that lovely state again...even though it wasn't the best of circumstances, and not really thought out at all, it was still wonderful to get away from the dreary old Midwest for a bit. It was just what I needed to put this horrible winter behind me.

~Grace Abigail

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sorry for the Absence

If you have been wondering where I've been for the past couple days or so, I have been in Florida! I didn't want to say much about it, because it was a very serious family emergency. It has been a very stressful week, but it has also been full of blessings and generosity. Since it was such a whirlwind of a trip, my husband's family has been extremely accommodating and sweet. To have come down from Illinois to Florida in such a short amount of time, and to be greeted with such welcoming open arms, when we didn't know when we were going back, was such a wonderful thing...

In the midst if this stressful time, we also managed to have a few fun days, so I will share some photos when I get back to reality...

Even though the circumstances of this little " vacation " were less than joyful, I am so grateful to have experienced the love of his family.

Also, it was 80 degrees over in Florida, and it snowed at home in Illinois. I don't know if I'm going back guys.... :)

~ Grace  Abigail

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Night Time Skincare Routine

Hello, everyone. Today, I thought I would show you guys how I take off my makeup at the end of the night. It's a routine that I haven't been the best at keeping up with, but it's just so necessary. Waking up when you still have mascara on your lashes is probably the most uncomfortable feeling your skin needs to breath at night! It needs that 8 hour break. If I do end up not taking my makeup off before I go to bed...I just look all kinds of awkward. I feel sorry for my husband on those mornings, hah!

Let's get this thang started!

I love this stuff. The Almay moisturizing makeup remover is pretty awesome as well...

I start off by grabbing a little cotton pad and using my Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover. This stuff is great for that stubborn waterproof mascara that just doesn't want to leave. I keep the pad on my eye for about 20 seconds, and then I rub it in a little bit. I try to use a gentle touch and not wipe downward on my eye, because I feel like if I do that too much it will make the skin around my eyes droopy. And who wants droopy eyes, right?


I love this cleanser!

This moisturizer has gotten me through this cold winter. Clinique lotion for Very Dry to Dry Combination.

For those little wrinkles that oh so sweetly tell you you're getting older. Hurumph.

After I get as much of my eye makeup off with the remover, I dampen my face a little bit with lukewarm water, and then I lather on the Aveeno Foaming Cleanser. I make circular motions all over my face with this, and then rinse off. This cleanser is super gentle and it gets rid of any extra eye makeup that was left behind.

I then use my Clinique moisturizer all over my face, focusing on my nose and temple area, because that is where my skin usually gets pretty dry. After that is all done, I pat on some of my new Olay Age Defying eye gel with my ring finger. I haven't had this little guy for very long, so I haven't really seen any skin firming effects yet, but I have high hopes. I like that it is cool on my skin, since my eyes get pretty dry and irritated throughout the day. The curse of the contacts I tell ya...

Ahhh yes. So fresh and so clean...

After that, I am all done and ready for snoozing. I usually finish off my night with Pinterest in bed. Maybe a few cat cuddles....or maybe a bowl of ice cream....Or even a hot bubble bath. That all depends on how tired I am. Which is usually pathetically tired.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a great weekend :)

~Grace Abigail

Thursday, March 6, 2014

On Wanting Motherhood

So precious...

You know some topics that you feel like you just need to write about? Like it's completely squished in your head and it needs let out?

For me, the idea of starting a family and having babies is one of them. Kyle and I are one of the few married couples in our group of friends, and I think we only know one other married couple our age that even have a little one. So, if we were to just start having babies, I feel like it would be weirdly out of place...

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't want a baby so soon. That I should finish my degree and have this wonderfully fulfilling job beforehand. But to me, being a mother is the career I'm working towards. I see motherhood as a very serious career choice, actually. In my daily life, I reflect on how I treat people, and what experiences I can take from that and pass it on to my children. You do so much. You counsel, cook, clean up, stay up long nights drying tears, break up fights, plan activities, teach. It's basically a full time adult job. You're just shaping little one's mind's into what you think is best. And that to me, seems like it would be the hardest job. You are trying to teach this little person how to become a normal human being with a good balance of structure and play time. You are in charge of the shaping of this child's mind, so they will not become a serial killer or something...That's truly a daunting job, and I hate it when some people belittle it like it's not that hard(and this isn't directed at anyone in particular or anything, I just haz the feelz...). I mean, a mother is basically shaping the future human race...There are times when I think back on when my brother and I were fighting, and recognizing now, the exhausted emotional look in my Mom's eyes, and I know that it was truly hard for her to keep it together. Don't tell me motherhood isn't hard.

That seems pretty intense, even though I just wrote it and all, I'm still like, " whoa, dude. " But that does not stop me from wanting a child. Some people learn at a young age that they want to have this amazing career, and it becomes their obsession, and they become the very best at it...Well, sometimes that's how I feel about becoming a mother. I want to be the best Mom there ever was. I want to read my children stories before bed. I want to make the best after school snacks. I want to teach them the value of hard work and earning your own money. I want to counsel them on what girl/boy to date...I do have other passions, like painting and makeup and blogging...but this obsession has been around for a very long time, and it's the one that I want to succeed at most of all.

I know that these things will happen. I know I need to be patient. We are not in the position to support another human right now. There will have to be some other life changes before we start our little family, but the longing for motherhood is always there. It's just so tempting when I read other bloggers pregnancy announcements and life updates with their babies, and y'all make it look so amazing! I just need to keep my head up, and enjoy my life right now. Being a mother will come, and it will be the biggest adventure of my life...

~Grace Abigail

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

I have been just itching to try out some new lip products! These Rimmel Lip Lacquers have been out for a couple months now, and they have always intrigued me. Honestly, the ombre look of the tube is my favorite thing about it. Ombre anything is irresistible to me....Plus, the geometric shape of the top is so cool. Man, I'm such a sucker. Oh, it has cute packaging? Psssh, count me in!
These were retailed at only $4.99 at Walgreens, so I decided to treat myself to two different shades to try. I got the shade 401 Aurora( I mainly got this because it's the name of my fave Disney princess...* ahem * ) and the shade 500 Luna. 

Shade 401 Aurora

Shade 500 Luna

The first thought that I had when I tried these on was, Holy Pigmentation! I mean, these little lacquers are bursting with color and vibrancy. If you want a great pop of color, these are perfect. I was pretty surprised, because I really hadn't heard anything about these. I honestly thought they might be a more sheer consistency. And you guys know I love it when lip products smell delicious...well, these smell exactly like Sour Patch Kids. I know. Candyyyy!!
 I will say that it would be best to wear a lip liner underneath these, because they are quite liquid-y and do slide around a little when you first put it on. Or if you're not really into that, just do a reverse lip liner, where you line your lips with some concealer. Also, from the outside of the tube, the colors look a little bit more subdued. For example, I thought Aurora was more of a rose color, when in reality, it's more of a red raspberry hue. So, if you want an accurate look at the color, I would suggest trying it on in the store. Luckily, I was very happy with my whim of a purchase! I cannot wait to try some more shades!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

~Grace Abigail

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Inspirations

March is almost here, and I am freaking out over the prospect of spring. There is some serious cabin fever going on around here, and I am positively itching to put away my hats and gloves and trade them in for my breezy scarves and sandals. Pastels, floral everything, rainy days, Cadbury mini-eggs, walks outside where you don't hate yourself by the end of it...I'm just too excited! I love how spring time can make you feel so fresh and new. For me, when that first day above 50 degrees hits, it's like the new year has actually started finally. In honor of my favorite season, I thought I would jump the gun a little and make a little list of spring inspirations! If anything it's just distracting me until the real thing comes along...

Love the white Chucks and the shorts. So comfy looking!

Love the flowey coral top and the skinny jeans.

The warmer it gets outside, the less makeup I feel like I need to wear. I love this shimmery coral blush..

- I love this floral dress. Pair it with some booties and a cardigan and it would be perfect for a date with the hubs.

- I'm so happy that glossy lips are back in. I've never been a big lipstick fan, and I think that glosses are great for a breezy, spring day!

- I'm also really excited to start getting back in shape. I always say that I will start getting back into shape at the beginning of the year, but who am I kidding? January and February are usually spent on the couch eating the rest of the Christmas and Valentine's chocolate. But when March comes around, it's time to get serious. Eating more fruits and veggies, and as soon as that snow is completely melted, I'm going to try and slip on my sneakers and go for a walk. Walking is so refreshing for me. It's my favorite way to stay active!

- Spring is also for starting new creative endeavors! The changing of the seasons always inspire me, and recently I have been thinking about trying to make my own terrarium. I think they are just darling. The best thing about them is that you can create your own little scene, like this one! Here is to trying new things( and hopefully not killing a plant in the process....)!

What are some of your spring inspirations? Anything you're looking forward to?

~Grace Abigail

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Links of Awesome #8

Hello everyone, I'm here with another links post! It's been a pretty good couple days for me. The weather shifted from freezing and snow everywhere, to rainy and the snow melting to make my town a sloshy puddle, to bright and sunny warmish weather. It's been a rollercoaster. But I'm excited to enjoy the sunshine today! I just wanted to make sure I got another post in before the weekend was over. Why is it always so short? Merp...


This is the best.

Doesn't this bright pink wall make you happy? Someday I wish to have a bright work space like that...

Stop what you are doing and go look at this Etsy shop, LiliSupply. The cases they sell are beautiful!

- Ever thought about making a Rainbow Pinata Cake? This is such a great idea for a birthday party!

- Maybe it's my advancing age, but I've been obsessed with re-watching old movies from my childhood recently. See if any of you fellow 90's kids remember where this awesome jam is from...

- I would literally wear all of these shoes from Anthropologie....* sigh *

- This is a really cool owl print!

- Emma, from A Beautiful Mess blog, wrote a wonderful post on Changing Dreams. It's a must read if you are at a crossroads right now in you're life...

Well, that's it for me, guys! Saturday's are for hanging out with the hubs and catching up on some lost quality time. We have recently gotten into House of Cards on Netflix, and oh my GOSH! Is that show amazing or what? I am completely hooked on it! No doubt there will be some catching up on season 2 this afternoon. Have a happy weekend!

~Grace Abigail

Monday, February 17, 2014

What's In My Bag?

Hello everyone, I thought I would do a staple in blog posts today! I've always loved What's In My Bag posts because I believe I am a born snooper. I just love seeing what everyone else carries around with them. It's kind of a window into their everyday life! Also, it makes me feel a little bit better about myself when I see that other ladies carry around super random things in their purses as well. No judgement for purse hoarding here! Hope you guys enjoy snooping ;)

- First, my bag is Steve Madden from TJ Maxx. The tag said that it was originally around 100, but I scored it for 40! WIN. I love the nude color and weaving detail, and the overall slouchiness of it. I love slouchy.

- I'll start with my wristlet/wallet in the top left. This is by Fossil, a few years old, and it's perfect for holding all my various cards and you know, cash when I have it. I love it for the cute pattern and it's served me well on the days when you just don't want to lug around a big heavy purse.

- Two hand lotions. One from The Body Shop( coconut body butter ), the other from Bath and Body Works( white citrus ). Gotta keep those dry winter hands moisturized.

- Mini hair brush from Wal-Mart, for the tangles.

- Pen for the scribbles.

- Maybelline The Rocket mascara. For those days when you oversleep and you have to do your makeup at work. Real life, people.

- Hipster black sunglasses, for the sunshine...when it's here....

- Ice Breakers mints! For the days where you're pretty sure you drank a lot of coffee and your mouth smells like a cafe...Yuck.

- Vanilla Berry Sorbet anti-bacterial hand gel by Bath and Body Works. This smells so amazing, I wish I had this in the lotion...of course, then I would probably hoard it in my purse and forget about it.

- Two EOS lip balms. In Strawberry Sorbet and Lemon Drop. Delicious and moisturizing. And yes, I need two in my bag...

- That little orange pouch I got in Mexico on my honeymoon, and I keep all my extra lip glosses and balms of sorts in there. I obviously like lots of options.

- And last but not least, a chocolate chip granola bar. For days at work where you don't get a break and you have to rapidly eat a snack like a rabid squirrel...

Have a great day, guys!

~Grace Abigail