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Halloween 2017, and a few other things...

In a feverish state of self-loathing that maybe involved too much ice-cream and feeling like a lazy butt one night, I told myself that I would be the most perfect Pinterest Mom and make my son the best Halloween costume I could muster. Look, I know that I don't have to be a perfect Mom. I mean, duh. Nobody is perfect. I'm certainly allowed to be a sweaty mess most days as I chase after my insanely energetic 2 year old, but Halloween, I wanted to EXCEL AT. For my kid of course, not for my own self worth. Psssssh, right?! 
Ahem, anyway...
Lincoln loves firetrucks. Most days you can catch him singing a song found on YouTube about firetrucks and being a fireman. So naturally, a quick search showed me how to make a firetruck out of a diaper box and a quick order from Amazon for a fireman's helmet, and VOILAAA! Super Mom to the rescue! Guys, I was seriously so happy. The whole trick or treating experience was so fun. First off, it was the perfect temperature outside, not freezi…

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