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30 Goals to Crush Before 30

Yup, that's me. All 29 years of me. More laugh lines and freckles, but still weird face makin' Grace.
I'm going to be 29 on Friday...and I can honestly say, I am not in the least bit excited for this birthday. And why is that? Why have I told myself that this year is supposed to be sad and depressing because it's the last of my twenties? Why is that such a big deal to me? News flash Grace, it shouldn't be.

Sometimes( okay well, maybe all the time ) I get way too caught up in what I haven't done instead of what I still have time to do. I compare myself to other people, seeing all the traveling they've done, or opportunities they have grabbed at, and I wonder to myself why I feel stuck. Like I should have gotten waaaaay more accomplished now that I'm almost 30. And part of that is true. I have done a lot, but I haven't ever sat down, wrote down a list of goals, and committed to get them done.

I love the * idea * of setting goals. I think it's grea…

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